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Targa VIP posted All the screens are part of the RON interface. GaryPayton Member posted All those Zone fans that wish to play on Zone might have to stick with the old games such as Age1 and Age2. The interface's only advantage is the zone friends messenger. But we know this isnt what the game companies care about, the primary thing is security which Gamespy provides better. So what I hope is if they can have a gamespy based messenger, like zone friends which u dont have to go into the game to initiate.

Maybe games have been started on thr zone through the zone friends messenger without people consciously thinking ok I am going to play X then look for their friends.

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The Zone friends messenger allow people to prompt and initiate a game on a whim as they see their friends sign on to their computer. I think the main reason that thousands of AOK's fans are still playing the game is the zone's "non-in-game" MP matching feature.

Yikes: GameSpy Shutdown Will Affect A Lot Of Games | Rock Paper Shotgun

However, it will be interesting enough to see if msn zone also support RON, how many percent of the the MP gamers will prefer zone over gamespy! Remember AOK is already 3yrs old. In Zone a big part of users have cracked versions, at least most Latin Americans and Asians certainly do.

In ESO its the opposite cracked doesn't work at all. I remember my history classes, and that never ends well. There's way too many people there, it's way too cold, and my Napoleonic-era soldiers aren't anywhere near ready for that sort of fight. I think I'll go ahead and let them do their own thing while I take the rest of Europe. Still, I can't help but salivate over the new card Nvidia says it designed for "gaming supercomputers.

Blizzard unexpectedly canceled its annual show last year to focus on actually making games, much to the chagrin of purple-painted night elves everywhere.

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  6. Let's get this clear up front: Crysis 3 is a better first-person shooter than Crysis 2 in almost every way. Gameplay is more robust and varied, the storytelling is more mature, and it's often visually stunning. Unfortunately, it's also not very ambitious: Its reach might exceed its grasp in a few key areas, but Crysis 3 is still a largely enjoyable excuse to take a trip to post-apocalyptic New York. Gamers have learned not to expect much from co-op AI companions. Keep up, don't block doorways, and throw out the occasional one-liner is about the best we can hope for.

    Irrational Games will attempt to raise the co-op AI bar with its time-and-space-tearing partner, Elizabeth, in BioShock Infinite, and as the latest trailer demonstrates, she will, at the very least, pack a powerful punch. And by "punch" I mean "tornado controlling super power. One of my biggest problems with Far Cry 3 is the complete disappearance of enemies in areas where I've cleared outposts. I really like the sense of constant danger their presence provides. It seems that others feel the same way, as Ubisoft is implementing a patch that will allow us to reset every last one of them, a feature apparently requested heavily by players.

    GameSpy Multiplayer Shutting Down, Hundreds of Games at Risk

    Oh, and there's some other stuff too. It's a good time to be a fan of sword fighting in games. Jedi Outcast route to sword fighting goodness. That means flips, dives, and flying slashes. Soon, all that goodness will be on Steam. When I was but a young child, my father tried to make me understand the value of a dollar.


    I'll cut out the middle of the story, but the result of the lesson is my ability to wait until games are on sale before I buy them. Look, Dean "Rocket" Hall. We appreciate the mod, and think it's pretty great. You really didn't have to go through all this trouble of making the standalone product so darn awesome.

    The fact that you've been completely remaking the zombie survival shooter from the ground up is completely unnecessary. Oh, you went ahead and did it anyway? Well, you're just the best. Gosh -- the cars in the upcoming GRID 2 are so exquisitely curved and shiny that I kind of want to stick my weathered old Honda Civic in there for "character. I like how this faction-by-faction reveal of Total War: Rome 2 gets a little more barbaric each time.


    We've seen plush feathered headdresses devolve into ankle-tattoos-on-shields and now? How many, you ask? If you click our links to online stores and make a purchase we may receive a few pennies. Find more information here. Gearbox legal battle with former employee becomes messy publicly.

    Yikes: GameSpy Shutdown Will Affect A Lot Of Games

    Gearbox show off a little new Borderlands technology. The Elder Scrolls Online heads to Elsweyr, land of cats and dragons.

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    4. Just as good as the GTX Ti for a fraction of the price. The Division 2's beta weekend starts February 7th, signups open now.