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Which word was invented in year of your birth? The Oxford English Dictionary has developed an online tool where people can find out which word came into use the year they were born What is your birthday word?

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However those born a decade later may be more likely to be a recyclist or brainiac. The tool also gives quotations of when the word first appeared.

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  • In How about that? More from The Telegraph. Now a new study is challenging whether having a due date is helpful at all.

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    A study by the US National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences has found that the length of pregnancy can vary naturally by as much as five weeks. Try telling this to your midwife in the UK, where every woman is expected to give birth within a strict two-week window or face medical intervention. The rest are either premature or late.

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    For parents faced with the latter, this new study is a revelation. The arrival of a baby is something that needs to be judged on a case-by-case basis, taking into account the health of the mother and baby, plus the mother's birth record, instead of setting arbitrary dates which are not based on sound evidence.

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    If you fall beyond the week limit, you are strongly encouraged to be induced when labour is started artificially. One in five babies are induced in the UK, and many women choose to undergo it long before the week cut-off.

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    But it carries risks, however small. There is an increased risk of forceps or vacuum extraction, an increased risk of caesarean section and an increased risk to the baby of jaundice. I faced the decision of whether to induce at weeks with my third baby, Jack, now nearly three.

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    • How to solve cryptic crosswords?
    • Which word was invented in year of your birth?.
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    • The week pregnancy myth has popped | Viv Groskop | Opinion | The Guardian.
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