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Fry Street Public House. Just kidding, of course we know. Although it's cleaned up its act some over the years, its pedigree as The Drink lingers on: After a UNT Fashion And Design Society runway show ended one fall evening, I saw two people actually having sex on the dance floor, while the bar was at capacity with a line around the building.

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The Old Crow has Jell-O shots that are cheaper than a cheap hooker or a cheap haircut or other cheap, bad, wonderful things. Their ingredients are secret. I mean, you could probably ask someone what kind of bad liquor is in them, or you could just take our word for it and shoot back two or three and curse Satan the next morning.

Side Bar is where the budget-friendly dude-bros like to start their night.

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The overall aesthetic is reminiscent of a very dark, stale-smelling, strikingly small college apartment that, like, five of your guy friends used to live in. Upon first glance this bar might make you think, "Hey, this has the potential to be the scene of my meet-cute. Well, you're in luck.

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Technically a two-fer, since there are two different bars in the same building, owned by the same dude. Despite the nice staff and new booking people, this place will always hold a weird, but special place in my heart. The best and worst thing about this bar is the jukebox in the basement, and depending on the patrons' musical preferences, your night can go from zero to shit quite fast. The bathrooms in the basement and on the first floor leave nothing to be desired.

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Still, why did so many of your college friends bang it out in those dirty, dirty bathrooms? San Francisco Rose is a fun filled, lively bar where drinks and laughter flow freely. A great karaoke bar is a typical haunt of the Dallas Cougar and therefore you can expect to find many of them here. Usually in groups of 2 or three, they are easy to spot, usually at the bar chatting with their friends over a good cocktail or two and generally looking as though they are up for a good night out.

If you enjoy a decent beer, the draft selection here is also worth a try.

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The buzzy atmosphere means that the Cougars who come here expect a confident, energetic young man. If you want a lively conversation, and to meet come of the wildest Cougars around, then the San Francisco Rose is definitely worth a try. Another of the best Cougar bars in Dallas is Sambuca. Here you can grab a bite to eat, drink and dance the night away in Uptown Dallas. Sambuca is a lively supper club with a recently changed all American menu.

The live music performances every night hold a big draw for the Cougars, but every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday Sambuca puts on lively dance bands accompanied by amazing light shows where people get really get their dancing shoes on. If you are looking for a more lively and relaxed setting where anything goes then Sambuca is the place to be. Here you will find a fun Cougar who is looking to drink, party and have a good time. Dragonfly Posh is a contemporary spot, and one of the best Cougar bars in Dallas. Here you can enjoy some great New American cuisine and partake in a few drinks at the lively bar.

So it perpetuates through the years I've been there once, not my scene, and I wasn't prowling for pussy, so I don't know what to tell you. Honestly, I feel like you're over thinking this. Yes, it's still the place. Weeknights are better than weekends. Specifically Sambuca at shops at legacy. If you want to land a cougar, you have to be dedicated , son! Is "Shops" a name of a bar? I keep hearing "shops at legacy" but is this something specific or an area with a bunch of shops?

Oh right, my bad. It's smack dab in the middle of suburbia, which is why I recommended it for cougar hunting. I think someone else recommended Sambuca there are two, but I'd check out the one at Shops at Legacy and not Uptown. I've never been there, but I'd imagine it would be a good bet for you. But don't discount Blue Martini either. These two places are cougar central. Cougars don't really hang out in Dallas in that the nightlife is typically for younger people.

I would say anywhere off of Main St. I would suggest any wine bar in Grapevine, Southlake or Colleyville.

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Go Saturday night, be prepared to buy at least one drink for the lady and definitely ask her to dance! I run sound there from time to time and on more than one occasion I was approached and asked to dance times by Cougars within 15 minutes while just hanging out at the edge of the dancefloor while the band took a break and the DJ was on. And I was literally just standing around, wearing all black with a leatherman and flashlight on my belt.

Addison, shops at legacy, willow bend mall, I have extensive research in this topic. Also craigslist but thats more a cuck scene. Anyway Dallas is known for flashy divorces so stay on your toes. It's interesting to see how your post is almost identical to a question asked here 8 months ago. I am not complaining It's weird that you found something like this lol. But yeah I looked up this topic and noticed it was asked 8 months ago I wanted to ask the same question today to get the latest, I wasn't sure if Sambuca was still the spot.

He asked it so well and to the point I didn't think it needed to be changed. I haven't listened since he passed.


Is the show any good? I heard Kelly and Rueban got into some trouble at a party recently.

Noise complaints, or something.