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He was also Facebook friends with a lot of students and frequently socialised with them. This seemed to create expectations in students of a certain kind of camaraderie. They expected really good grades — and got them. Those who did not — and that was most of us — could expect dismal module evaluations at the end of the semester.

They made a formal complaint to the university. He was later fired.

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He disappeared, as though in a cloud of smoke, nowhere to be found — even on the departmental website. Visiting lecturers were drafted in to cover for him, the rest of us added his administrative duties to our already overwhelming workload, and the department suffered. The sector needs to rethink its approach to regulating staff-student intimate relationships.

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This is not only about making procedures for reporting sexual harassment at universities straightforward and transparent, although that would be a good start. I would argue that we should go further and prohibit intimate relationships between staff and students, which cross professional boundaries, create discord in the workplace and leave students exposed to abuses of power.

Have you been affected by sexual harassment at university?

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I tried as hard as I could so as not to let the rat out of the bag. Time came when my fellow classmates started sensing something. Most students when asked if they would date their lecturers, many said that would be fine since. Besides the benefits that come with this kind of affair, one wonders what would happen if the relationship breaks.

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