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Speed dating

Cookies are important to the proper functioning of this site. To improve your experience, we use cookies to remember log-in details and provide secure log-in, collect statistics to optimize site functionality and deliver content tailored to your interest. By continuing to use this site you are giving us your consent to do this. Women also initiate and reply to contact less than men.

They were contacted much more than men and, hence, generally had their choice of who to reply to. In light of these findings, the researchers presented some advice to potential online daters: More popular users are contacted more and, therefore, are less likely to respond to any one user. In a study, Fiore and Judith Donath Massachusetts Institute of Technology examined messaging data from 65, users of a United States-based dating site. They found that users preferred sameness on all of the categories they tested a variety of features from child preferences to education to physical features like height.

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But some factors played a larger role than others, with marital status and wanting or already having children showing the strongest same-seeking. Fiore has also found that women responded more frequently to men whose popularity on the site a measure based on the average number of people contacting the user per day was similar to their own Fiore, Hitsch and colleagues found that similarity was strongly preferred in a variety of factors, including age, education, height, religion, political views, and smoking.

They also found a strong same-race preference. Interestingly, women have a more pronounced same-race preference, and this preference is not always revealed in their stated preferences Hitsch, et al.


Online dating service users tend to contact people who are about as attractive as they are, but does your own attractiveness level influence how attractive you believe others to be? The site was launched in purely for users to rate each other on how attractive or, obviously, not they were. Later, the site added an online dating component. Consistent with previous research, this study, published in Psychological Science , found that people with similar levels of physical attractiveness indeed tend to date each other, with more attractive people being more particular about the physical attractiveness of their potential dates.

Compared to females, males are more influenced by how physically attractive their potential dates are, but less affected by how attractive they themselves are when deciding whom to date. But these findings about gender bias in attraction are being challenged in other studies — more on this later.

Modern Love: Scientific Insights from 21st Century Dating

Assessing potential partners online hinges on other users being truthful in their descriptions. Psychological scientists have turned to online dating to examine how truthful people are in their descriptions of themselves, both with themselves and to others. Online daters walk a fine line — everyone wants to make themselves as attractive as possible to potential dates, making deception very tempting. Catalina Toma, Jeffrey Hancock both at Cornell University , and Nicole Ellison Michigan State University examined the relationship between actual physical attributes and online self-descriptions of online daters in New York.

They found that lying was ubiquitous, but usually fairly small in terms of magnitude. Men tended to lie about height and women tended to lie about weight. Another modern dating innovation may provide a better solution: Since then, speed dating has spread around the world, giving millions of singles a chance at love. It also gives savvy researchers an unprecedented chance to study attraction in situ. This hunch was confirmed by a speed dating outing with several other Northwestern colleagues, and the researchers embarked a new track of speed dating work.

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No word on whether the outing was a success from other standpoints. As Finkel and Eastwick point out in a study published in Current Directions in Psychological Science , the popularity of speed dating allows the collection of large, real world samples across cultures, ethnicities, and socioeconomic levels.

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The speed dating design also lets researchers to study both sides of a dyadic process. Also, speed dating allows for exploring reciprocity effects.

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  • A Psychological Science article Eastwick et al. Speed dating empowers researchers to study interactions as they happen, rather than post-hoc reports. It also allows for testing actual versus stated preferences. One speed dating study showed that stated preferences do not match actual preferences and called into question the gender biases in attraction that have been well-documented elsewhere i. Back then, there were about fifty participants.

    I have three elder brothers Simone: Stage 3 If there are four or more groups in the game, groups may be changed after the first run. I am allergic to hazelnuts Sabrina: I watched Avatar in the cinema last week Stefan: The name of my goldfish is Muffi Peter: They may discuss for some time about five minutes and finally have to write down their guesses on a sheet of paper. Speed dating dynamics, navigation menu It is important that this "characteristic" is very individual, but may not be associated with this person too easily. Eventually, the group with the highest number of points wins.

    Then, the lists are exchanged. The social genes The longer the group members have been acquainted to each other, the more creative they have to be.