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In the event a Third Party Messaging Platforms imposes special requirements on Smooch beyond API integrations, including but not limited to hosting endpoints unique to that channel, then Smooch shall have the right to charge Customer for this additional service and Customer shall have the right to accept such charges or decline them and not use the associated channel.

All Fees shall be in U. Dollars; Smooch shall charge and invoice Customer the applicable Fees, in advance, by credit card, on the Effective Date and on every monthly anniversary thereafter; Subject to section 11 d below, payment obligations hereunder are not subject to any set-off or withholding rights whatsoever, any and all of which are hereby expressly waived by Customer. Disputed Invoices or Charges. If Customer in good faith disputes any portion of a Smooch invoice or charge, Customer may provide a dispute notice to Smooch with written documentation identifying and substantiating the disputed amount within fifteen 15 days from receipt of the applicable invoice or charge, and if applicable, at the time it pays the undisputed portion of such invoice, withhold payment of such disputed portion.

If Customer does not report or does not provide such substantiating documentation within that period, Customer shall be deemed to have waived its right to dispute any and all portions of that invoice.

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For greater certainty, Customer shall pay all undisputed amounts of that invoice in accordance with section 10 b above. Except for bona fide disputed amounts, any failure to make a payment of any Fees or taxes in strict conformity with the requirements of this section 10 entitle Smooch to suspend, in whole or in part, access to Services, until such payment is received. Additionally, Smooch shall assess and Customer shall pay a charge, compounded monthly, of the lesser of a 1.

Furthermore, upon any such failure all outstanding amounts shall become due and payable without further delay. The Fees set out in this Agreement do not include applicable taxes, duties, withholdings, tariffs, levies, customs, capital or income taxes or other governmental charges or expenses, including but not limited to value added tax, sales tax, consumption tax and similar taxes or duties as well as any current or future municipal, state, federal or provincial taxes, and Customer will pay, indemnify and hold harmless Smooch from same, other than taxes based on the net income or profits of Smooch.

Recipient hereby agrees that during the Term and at all times thereafter it will not: Recipient will be deemed to have discharged its confidentiality obligations under this Section 11 Confidential Information if Recipient uses the same degree of care in safeguarding the Confidential Information of Discloser as it uses in protecting its own confidential information of a similar nature from unauthorized disclosure.

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Warranty; Disclaimer; Indemnity Customer Warranty. Customer represents and warrants to, and covenants with, Smooch that 1 the Customer Data will only contain Personal Data in respect of which Customer has provided all notices and disclosures including to each Data Subject , obtained all applicable third party consents and permissions and otherwise has all authority, in each case as required by applicable laws, to enable Smooch to provide the Services, including with respect to the collection, storage, access, use, disclosure and transmission of Personal Data, including by or to Smooch and to or from all applicable third parties including third party providers of any Third Party Messaging Platforms ; and 2 by connecting the WhatsApp Business Solution via the Smooch Platform, the Customer will be in compliance with the WhatsApp Business Solution Terms https: Customer will fully cooperate with Smooch in the defense of any claim defended by Customer pursuant to its indemnification obligations under this Agreement and will not settle any such claim without the prior written consent of Smooch.

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Limitation of Liabilities The Parties acknowledge that the following provisions have been negotiated by them and reflect a fair allocation of risk and form an essential basis of the bargain and will survive and continue in full force and effect despite any failure of consideration or of an exclusive remedy: Term and Termination Term. For greater certainty, if Customer has subscribed to an ongoing subscription, then such subscription will automatically renew at its expiry for the same period of time, at the then-current subscription rate described on the Smooch Website.

Either Party may elect to terminate this Agreement and your subscription to Smooch services as of the end of your then current Term by providing notice, on or prior to the date thirty 30 days preceding the end of such Term. For clarity, per section 15 a , unless this Agreement and your subscription is so terminated, your subscription will renew for a Term equivalent in length to the then expiring Term.

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Refunds and Termination Charges. No refunds or credits for Fees will be provided if you elect to terminate this Agreement prior to the end of your Term. If you terminate this Agreement prior to the end of your Term, or Smooch effects such termination pursuant to Section 15 d , in addition to other amounts you may owe Smooch, you must immediately pay any then unpaid Fees associated with the remainder of your Term.

This amount will not be payable by you in the event you terminate as a result of a material breach of this Agreement by Smooch, provided that you provide advance notice of such breach to Smooch and afford Smooch not less than thirty 30 days to reasonably cure such breach as provided for in section 15 d. If this Agreement is terminated by you in accordance with this section, Smooch will, to the extent permitted by applicable law, refund you any prepaid fees covering the remainder of the Term after the effective date of termination.

If this Agreement is terminated by Smooch in accordance with this section, you will pay any unpaid fees covering the remainder of the Term. In no event will termination relieve you of your obligation to pay any fees payable to Smooch for the period prior to the effective date of termination. The following Sections, together with any other provision of this Agreement which expressly or by its nature survives termination or expiration, or which contemplates performance or observance subsequent to termination or expiration of this Agreement, will survive expiration or termination of this Agreement for any reason: Notices must be in writing and sent: Smooch may change its contact information by posting the new contact information on the Smooch Website or by giving notice thereof to Customer.

Customer is solely responsible for keeping its contact information on file with Smooch through the Smooch Platform current at all times during the Term. Any assignment in violation of this Section will be void. The terms of this Agreement will be binding upon permitted assignees.

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This Agreement will inure to the benefit of and be binding upon the Parties, their permitted successors and permitted assignees. This Agreement and any action related thereto will be governed by and construed in accordance with the substantive laws of the Province of Quebec and the federal laws of Canada applicable therein, without regard to conflicts of law principles. The Parties will initiate any lawsuits in connection with this Agreement in Montreal, Quebec, Canada and irrevocably attorn to the exclusive personal jurisdiction and venue of the courts sitting therein.