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Are you punching above your weight in your relationship?

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Serge Aurier Tottenham star Serge Aurier arrested on suspicion of assaulting his girlfriend The year-old was detained for several hours the night before Spurs' Premier League defeat to Manchester United before being released without charge. Considering much more goes into attractiveness and overall value than just looks money, intelligence, personality, social status etc. A woman may be very pretty, and her "ugly" see facially unaesthetic boyfriend may seem out of her league - he may be smarter, earn more money, more responsible, more talented, have more friends, be more likeable etc.

A woman may very well be aesthetically good looking There are exceptions to the rule but generally speaking in America there is i high premium on physical attraction from both sides. Your confidence doesn't mean shit here especially to the girls who know they they 9s and 10s and guys who know they are 9s and 10s.

The only thing you can do is be the best version of yourself and try and find someone who loves that and helps you be that person. Yeah, of course, you don't want to let anyone run your life but you. But, to say that there are no leagues is just naive. You clearly haven't done any research on online dating Here, let me help you with some evidence to support this:. What if your a man who has built up that value and done the inner work and yet still faces hurdles because of his race, skin tone and other things that are projected in society that make it a lot more harder for people like me when I can't change anything about my skin or tone because it's who I'am I'm don't hate myself or anything about me but you can't ignore the fact that perceptions on race and beauty regarding those perceptions.

I'm a dark skinned black male who hasn't had issue in initial attraction but when it comes to getting them to go to the next phase I've struggled and I've interacted with all kinds of women of backgrounds and races they duck out maybe that's society perceptions. I do agree with what you've posted, I've seen some of the fundamentals myself but race perception has been a barrier for me not the only thing of course but one that I tend to notice and e. I can't add anything other than paradoxically, winning the battle with oneself is a far cry from being victorious in the war I needed to see this, thank you for an excellently written lesson.

There's a girl I'll be seeing at a party tomorrow, whom I've long considered way out of my league. But this has inspired me to go and talk to her. Who cares about "leagues"? How do I deal with a really bad hairline due to traction alopecia which resulted in some patches where shaving doesn't look good either as well as a not good face? It's been bothering me for the longest while. Find a feature you think is good about you. Accentuate those features instead, like maybe a sharp jawline or a charismatic smile or eyes? Or work on your physique. Lol how do i make shit happen only on Reddit does everyone think that you can become anyone else in a second also ive seen drastic changes in responses when I'm wearing a hat vs showing my hairline that goes to prove how much it impacts appearances.

Shave it and learn to love you for your awesome baldness - women dig it. And let your personality overpower the fear of what people think. That's a really baseless statement, majority of women actually don't like baldness outside of extreme situations like having enough time to look like The Rock or Joe Rogan otherwise the only examples would be really old white guys which I can't look like due to not being white or old.

The look doesn't suit my face or age tbh.

Punching Above Your Weight … Myth Or Fact? : dating_advice

Im not sure how a "personality" which tbh is brought up a lot but is just an innate drive or who you are as an individual is supposed to overcome those huge physical barriers? You're deciding your own reality here. I can't control that I can only control what I say in the hope that it resonates.

Adding to that - you can't change the baldness, but you can change the way you treat yourself in relation to it. Im not deciding much its good to hold positive thoughts I agree but there's a difference in knowing how you look and are usually perceived versus blindly thinking that shaving my head would turn my to some gorgeous dude since "women love bald dudes" its more of a YMMV thing but physical appearance is still a huge part of attraction and its where I suffer most.

Nobody is saying that shaving your head is going to make you a gorgeous dude. My husband shaved his head after years of fighting it, and now nobody even remembers him WITH hair, and nobody comments on his shaved head. That guy gets made fun of for clinging to the last vestiges of his hair. Not everyone is gorgeous.

This is why some people ‘punch above their weight’ when it comes to dating

Not everyone is conventionally hot. Not everyone has the same definition of "hot" and preferences for FACES are even more varied than for bodies. But people can tell when you are self conscious about something, and it draws more attention to it. So you can either accept reality and work with what you have, or sit around hoping that something will magically change and make you not you. The difference is you were already with your husband before he shaved it how likely would it have been for you guys to meet after he had done that no BS? Probably much more likely.

But he had such an engaging personality and so much self confidence that I looked past his comically short pants and ridiculous hair.

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So lol im guessing this is where you tell physical attraction isn't a thing and all I need is confidence? Physical attraction is totally a thing. But it's not as straight forward as people would have you believe. I'm the queen of being told "You're not my usual type, but there's something about you I've dated men from 5'2 up to 6'8 I'm just shy of 5' I've dated men with and without beards.

I've dated body types of all sorts. I've dated the unemployed and I've dated men who run companies. Dark hair, light hair, no hair, gray hair, and every conceivable eye color. I've dated nerds, jocks, and everything in between. There is no one set of features that makes someone attractive, and the sooner you understand that, the sooner you can break out of this self-fulfilling prophecy of deeming yourself hideous and acting in a way that shows others that you hate yourself. Self loathing isn't cute on anyone. Like, I don't like my boobs. Instead of spending all of my time trying to make them look better or worry about them, I just let them be what they are.

I focus on parts of myself that I do like and emphasize those. I'm never going to attract a boob man, but I have all the ass-men I can handle. You're right of course. Not every woman is going to initially choose a guy with a shaved head. However, there are a lot that don't consider it to be a deal breaker.

OPs point is that you need to focus on making yourself be the best you that you can be. Once you feel the best that you can feel about yourself, it will show in how you carry yourself. You have a hair issue, shave it so that the issue doesn't stand out. There are a lot more shaven guys than guys with that issue. Make it so that you don't stick out for a negative reason.

Some women will judge you for it.

Hughesy and Kate's 'Punching Above His Weight' Winners!

However, there are still a lot that won't. You need to put that hair issue out of your mind when you are social and act like you are just like everyone else. It doesn't define you, so don't let it. There are "a lot" of women who may accept a bald person but how many really at my age? And on my body with my face?

Want to add to the discussion?

Im trying to look at it from my perspective hair adds A LOT of features to a persons face and even brings attention away from the persons face and every girl in her early 20s that I know of considers it a core part of their attraction to someone who cares if that makes them "shallow" everyone is to an extent and that doesn't excuse the fact that im pretty much invisible due to it.

You want to deemphasize your negatives and emphasize your positives. If you leave it there, it gives women something negative that is specific that they will focus on. Instead, the idea is to shave it so that there isn't an obvious problem. Instead, it'll be a conversation starter or at least not something that puts up a red flag.

I'm not hear to convince you to shave your head. I'm here to tell you that the result may be a change in what you're experiencing now for the positive. You're here because what you've got going on now isn't working. Thing is shaving accentuates features on your face and that brings no positives for me especially since im in my very early 20s where it matters way more than you think. How am I supposed to emphasize psychical positives when I have none. I'd love to tell you that there are people that will look past that stuff, but, I can't know who you run across in life.

If you think it's that much of an issue, you should get a medical consultation and also seek out a mental health expert to verify that you are in the correct frame of mind for plastic surgery. All I am is an advice giver on the internet. My wife has all but admitted to me that, had we not been setup on a date, she wouldn't have even considered me in a public setting. Maybe you need friends to set you up first. You may be right but even in my calmest mindset this hairline thing still bothers me or brings me down I feel like hadn't I done this to myself I wouldn't have to go through this and be thinking of saving for a transplant to try to make myself happy.

Id believe you man but the reception I get when i wear a snapback hat vs show my hairline is way different too. My hairline causes a lit of issues it just looks off putting. I find some of them attractive, some of them not, and in varying degrees of baldness.

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You're projecting your ideas onto reality, and THAT is more unattractive than the state of your hair. There's a difference between a spot and what I have though and girls have brought it up multiple times in the past. Honestly, the more you own it, and just let it go and not let it visibly bother you, a woman may not even notice. Look at Prince William. He's balding and he just jokes about it and is secure in his life.

I get that he's a prince and had a charmed life, but he's not getting hung up on his baldness. He's just doing his best to be awesome and smart and funny. Keep doing that and ignore it, stop being so self-conscious about it, it'll make it a non-issue for many women. It's confidence that matters. Id easily take his spot before mines he already had his wife and life figured out before facing the lights.

Also, check out my post "Advice For The Guys: I firmly agree that it all comes from the inside from both genders. It is all about the vibe you give people along with the self maintenance. Of course, only if the person you are hoping to hit on is open minded about dating and has no set type for the opposite gender. So what you're telling me is that a short, bald, fat, crooked teeth guy me is perfectly capable of finding an ideal match as long as the confidence is there? I don't have a lot of money, I have debt, don't have my own place, and well, things are kind of a mess right now.

But you honestly think I could just impress a beautiful woman mind you, I'm not just looking for supermodels and find love just based on my energy? Most of the time, if I don't think about it, I feel pretty good about myself and can joke around, be normal, and whatnot. If I keep my mouth shut and shave my head, I'm not awful looking, and I'm losing weight so yeah. I feel like someone's it's possible. Other times, I'm just down like the poor dude with the top comment, and all I see around me are impossible opportunities and other happy couples.

This is what bogs men down the most. Shedding the layers of the past will brighten your entire face, straighten your posture, you'll speak with confidence and walk around like you own the joint. So yeah, when your energy's on point because you're no longer being bogged down from your emotional crap, women will feel more drawn to you. I thought I would be punching above my weight, because I was really shy and he was really outgoing and sociable; girls love him.

That kind of keeps you making that effort. I have been in my current relationship for three and a half years. Even though we met on Tinder, I am more of a sapiosexual. Order by newest oldest recommendations. Show 25 25 50 All. Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded.