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Maybe those people are out there, people who do not ever encounter a problem where they think of a way they haven't been told that could solve it.

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I guess these people could exist. I guess I would have a hard time connecting with them on an emotional level and a relationship probably wouldn't work. I really don't think there is some black and white divide between being "a creative" or not. I think it's more of a spectrum - and at the end of the day it doesn't really matter if two people exactly line up as long as they have over-all compatibility and common ground. If something is a dealbreaker for someone, it's a dealbreaker. This is true of anyone anywhere on the creative spectrum. I don't think that all people with "x" amount of creativity in their lives necessarily have a given dealbreaker.

It has not been my experience that people work like that. Someone whose main creative enjoyment is drawing doodles might have a dealbreaker of needing to date a creative person and an architect might not. There is no "rule" here. I'm only casual artist, as in I can't remember the last time I made something myself, but I appreciate the art other people make and am always thinking about new art I can make.

I love artists and would absolutely date one. I would probably have a hard time dating someone who had zero appreciation for art in any way.

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They don't need to constantly creating as long as the mind-set is there. I prefer to date artists. When I manically decode I need the entire kitchen floor to spread out bits of wire at 3am most don't bat an eye.

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It is also less likely that I will get sucked into not creating stuff if we are both artists. You don't have to like all the same things as whoever you form a relationship with a few things in common helps, but even then, whatever. I'm an artist dating a non-artist. I don't really like the idea of dating other artists tbh, or at least not people who do the same kind of art as me. But as someone said, I do like for the person I'm dating to appreciate art and be willing to talk about it and what not.

Of course I'd date an artist as long as she wasn't, like, obsessed with it and didn't define herself by it. Obsession and defining yourself by one hobby are unhealthy. I definitely would, although I do look for an appreciation of art in my partners.

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I don't need them to do the same things that I do. I just want to be able to talk about my passions, and have them be interested. I'm a very casual artist. I'll sit down and draw on occasion and I'll sometimes make pixel art on my computer, but my gf of 3 years has the artistic talent of a potato. Shes not even musically inclined. I love her all the same though. Wow, I've literally never thought about this before. My girlfriend was big on creating poetry well before we met, and I'm currently heavily involved in my city's local music scene as a sound engineer and a musician.

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I've never found it difficult or problematic. They are just so seemingly effortlessly creative and some are cheeky to boot, too! I'm an artist dating an artist, but I would definitely consider dating someone who isn't an artist though it'll probably never happen, I'm very happy with my relationship. That being said, I truly love dating an artist. We can talk about our art and totally understand each other, we can ask for advice and have it come from a trained eye, and I know when she says she loves my art it's coming from a fellow art lover.

It's just another thing we have in common, and it's such a passion for the both of us, so we really connect because of it. I used to draw a lot, but i've always been a musician. I'd like someone who's also into music, but it's not a dealbreaker. My girlfriend played the piano for a few years but quit and I want her to start up again lol. I professional artist, who also has a few other hobbies that are all creative, and everything feeds into my life goal of creating meaningful work don't have any rules regarding who I'd date or not.

But honestly making things is what I enjoy the most in life and if someone didn't understand it I don't think I'd be able to relate to them on a deeper level. One of the most attractive things in a woman is if she 'gets me'. There are non-creative people I've been attracted to but if I can discuss art, storytelling, game design, etc with a girl and she understands me and gives me a new perspective I'm smitten. On the other hand, relationships with creative people can be difficult too, what with passionate opinions we all have, clashing eccentricities, etc.

My boyfriend since six years back been living together for five is currently a med student. My girlfriend of over 2 years is not an arty person at all, but i have absolutely no problem with that at all. If anything i kind of prefer it, i like to switch off from things sometimes especially after work. Just smile and nod. I use to think it was not so important because I believe a person can be creative in most any type of work except data entry …oh my god the druggery so there was potential for bonding and discussion and even an opportunity for interesting juxtiposition despite differences.

It is great when you can talk about work with your girlfriend and she is actualy interested… and vice-versa. So… I think it does count a lot! My girlfriend of 2. For people that are nonartists, i believe its difficult to understand the depth to which artists invest themselves in their work, or often the degree to which it is a compulsion instead of a habit to create art.

Yup,… not only that but having your best girl friend envolved in art can be truly inspiring,… for both of you. Now I'm wondering what a married pair of accountants would be like. If they worked at home, would the office take over every part of the house? I'm not all that interested in dating at all? But I will basically not date anyone who is oversensitive, pessimistic, extremely immature, has hateful ideologies such as racism or homophobia , is an extremist of any kind conservative christian, raging anti-theist, elitistic vegan, idgaf what it is, extremists are just a pain in the ass to deal with and I ain't letting my dick touch one , and I will not date one of my fans.

I also wouldn't want to date anyone outside of Scandinavia again. Some artists fall into the above. I think the only jobs I can't deal with a partner having would be military work, prostitution and illegal jobs. If a partner does art, that's fine by me, as long as he lets me work in peace and doesn't try to wedge himself into my projects or drag me into his. And as long as he doesn't get all jealous or tries to compete with me.

I'm not interested in competition or jealous bullcrap, I'm interested in personal development and the love for art. I can't do his personal development and he can't do mine so there is no place for competition. Also get outta the bed, that's reserved for my laptop, tablet and all the cats I wanna have. My bf is the exact opposite of me. Where I'm creative and emotive, he's very logical and practical. He doesn't have any creative hobbies He did used to work for graphic design company though so he has his uses.

My boyfriend common law partner is the writer I work with. We're on the same page with pretty much everything as far as our project goes. We're highly competitive with each other in terms of individual success but we use that as fuel towards self improvement rather than letting our emotions run out of control. It's all down to attitude. All the boyfriends I was with previously had no self drive and didn't consider my art in any sort of regard. That didn't work for me. Well, mine is a writer, and I like to write too, but I'm mostly a comic artist. We do a ton of collabs, roleplaying, proofreading each other's stuff, I draw him illustrations and he helps me with the dialogue in comics and how to portray his guest characters in my works.

We can talk about our OCs all day long and ship them hard sometimes XD. It's a lot of fun. And definitely less stressful to ask for proofreading and critique from him than any other friend for some reason, since there's infinite mutual respect, and he just knows how to handle my somewhat difficult personality. Even though we both like to write, we never competed wit heach other.

We do support each other a whole lot though, whether promoting online or being inspiring t one another. I'm definitely the more successful one, but I never saw him complaining that I'm doing better than him or any sort of jealousy. I literally asked him just now to be sure and he confirmed it: Not a comic creator or anything, but back in high school I rebounded from a previous relationship into a relationship with a guy who was an artist.

One of those surrealist painters. He was convinced that he was going to be the next renaissance revolution of our generation. Most of his paintings were crap. Some of them were good, but most of them just, conventionally speaking, weren't good - but of course, telling him that didn't mean anything, because you just "didn't get it".

He draws My Little Pony fetish art on Tumblr now. Obviously it did not end well. I would be interested in someone who is different, maybe eccentric even. Just someone I find to be an interesting individual, which I don't find very often. The people who I have found to be more interesting than "normal" tend to be artists. I like weird and eccentric and if I were to be with someone who is also an artist, that wouldn't be an issue for me.

Really, I enjoy talking about story writing, manga artists I admire and the technical aspects to certain TV shows, movies, etc.

5 Reasons Dating A Creative Person Should Scare You

Having someone who is also interested in such topics and understands them would be ideal for me. But I also like to talk about bigger topics such as world news or human behavior. So really, I don't care if it's someone who is an artist or not but ideally someone who can appreciate it to some degree considering I draw. NOW, where is this thread about people dating on Tapastic? I'm curious because that seems Does Tapastic have a discord or something where people can meet? I struggle to even have friends who are into comics, because I usually meet people that are only into ONE thing and that drives me mad.

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