Afterglow wired headset hookup

Did you make any changes to the computer prior to this issue? If you are plugging the headset using the USB cable, then you may uninstall and reinstall the USB controllers and check if this helps. You may disconnect all USB devices and then perform the following steps: Click Start, and then click Control Panel. If you are prompted for an administrator password or for a confirmation, type the password, or click Allow. Check if at all there is an exclamation mark along the driver, it suggests issues with the driver installed.

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Repeat the step 2 to uninstall all items under "Universal Serial Bus controllers". Then, restart your computer and Windows 7 will reinstall all USB controllers automatically.

Setting Up a Wired Headset

If you are using the 3. Did this solve your problem?

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  • afterglows only work when plugged into an xbox controller on pc???

Sorry this didn't help. Loki Gamemaster Created on June 9, Headsets allow users to both listen to and talk to others hands-free, but sometimes the mouthpieces attached to a headset aren't of the best quality. You can connect the speakers on the headset to the computer but hook up a separate microphone to the PC to use instead of the headset's mouthpiece.

Plug the headphone connector on the headset to the green-colored jack on the back of the desktop PC or into the headphone jack on the right or left side of the laptop or netbook. Connect the microphone to the pink-colored jack on the back of the desktop computer or into the mic jack on the right or left side of the laptop or netbook. Ruri Ranbe has been working as a writer since She received an A.

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Now plug your tethering cable into your Xbox One controller, either in the 3. Make sure that your mic is attached, unmuted, and ready to go.

Afterglow Wired Headset - PlayStation 3 Setup

Test this mic by jumping into a game with friends, or sending a voice message to yourself. Both ways work, your goal here is to make sure that the Xbox One headset connection is picking up your audio through the controller successfully. Is your controller running low on batteries?

If you want to charge, disconnect the headset and switch to a controller with a full battery. Otherwise, you could be inviting audio issues or even disconnections. Try the Update option to search for any available updates.

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Check to see if your station or adapter needs to be updated. In some cases, you may need to attach the base station to your computer via USB and search for any updates. Your headset instructions should let you know if this is necessary.

Connect the base station to your Xbox One. There should be a microUSB cable included for this. Connect any additional cables.

How to Hook Up a Microphone and Headset to a Computer

Make sure that HDMI audio is off and Optical audio is set to bitstream out , so everything works properly. If everything is working properly, this should start up your headphones and you will begin hearing sound. Take a little time to experiment with the volume and muting controls to find out how everything works. Keep in mind that even fully wireless headsets may need tether cables for some things, like voice chat.

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This varies from headset to headset, so take a look at instructions for chatting before you throw anything away. These are similar to the base station option, but involve a little more work to get things started. Otherwise, you will get neither picture nor sound when you try using the headset.