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Dark4ngel99 asked on January 16, Has anyone given someone online a second chance and it worked out?? Anonymous asked on January 17, Anonymous asked on January 15, Should I give her another chance? Anonymous asked on January 16, My ex boyfriend and I broke up twice. I still love him My 16 year old friend is in the 11th grade and is dating a 19 year old college sophomore? Ive finally gotten to the point where I feel like he just isnt interested in me Whats the difference between dating a black woman or dating white woman?

Should I confirm the date? Are foreign women more open to forward approaches from single men? Did he ever love me? How long does it takes for a man to heal from separation? How and when does a man catch feelings?

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Is he losing interest? I mad efforts to take her out on another one but she did not seem interested and I moved on. I am a Journalism student and spend a lot of time volunteering. I know that majority of people I know as acquaintances have a positive opinion of me but it seems like nobody wants to get to know me on a more personal level or as a potential parthner.

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No girls have displayed clear signs of interest in me. A lot of my other friends have told me that girls have displayed interest in them. I have also tried a penpal site and the Hot or not app on Facebook, and have not yet received a single like. Could my looks have something to do with this as well?

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Here is a link to pics of me. I know the gangster sign pic is awkward, but it was intended to be a joke pic. Delete Report Edit Lock Reported.

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People of the forum, please give me constructive advice on my situation?

Your biggest problem is that you're not trying hard enough. Ask out 20 women for coffee in the next two months and get back to us. Delete Report Edit Reported Reply. I have asked 3 to hang out in the last 50 days, one replied and after that didnt get back to me again. I met one girl in a bar about three weeks ago. We were getting close physically but nothing happened after that. We didnt even kiss.

She gave me her number and then that was it. I usually just have brief encounters with women about minutes, would it be appropriate to ask them out during this time? Also most of the women who I approach are black, I tend not really to approach women of my race. George Send a private message. What is your definition of "close physically"? Lots of touching, hugging etc. Same thing I said last time you posted this exact same thing.

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  • People of the forum, please give me constructive advice on my situation? - guyQ by AskMen.
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OK, this post is more detailed than the other one. I have got rid of the baggy clothes, what do you mean by spruce yourself up? I mean dress to impress Go to a stylist and get your hair done to match your face. Use a nice cologne. Observe the guys that women like and see what they do. Also, remember as you mature, you will change with age and that helps too. If I had to make a recommendation I would say grow out your hair and style it similar to that guy from One Direction Zayn.

I would probably eat a few burgers to get some weight on you and hide your freakishly long fingers. Nothing wrong with them but since you're pretty lanky it stands out. As far as clothes goes dress fitted. There's nothing wrong with being bony per se but you have to make it work for you.

I don't think you're a bad looking guy.