Dating westmoreland glass marks

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Louise Piper began her career hand-painting glass at Westmoreland and eventually had a wonderful career at the Fenton Glass Company. Ernie went on to create collectible decorations including Roses and Bows, Ruby Floral, and Beaded Boquet to name a few.

Do you offer appraisals of glass? No, we suggest you consult one of the books listed in our Library reference section or see similar items listed on eBay. What can you tell me something about my piece of Westmoreland glass?

How to Identify Westmoreland Milk Glass

We would be happy to provide you with information and try to identify your glass. Please send us a clear photo of the glass to the webmaster at westmorelandglass gmail. I only have a few pieces of glass. Should I join the club?

Preserving America's Glass Manufacturing Heritage

How can I tell if my piece of glass is a reproduction? Gaining knowledge of Westmoreland's production colors and markings is the best way to learn whether your piece is a reproduction. There is a difference between a reissue and a reproduction.

Westmoreland often would pull out an old mould from days gone by and start producing again. This would be a reissue. Check the characteristics of the Westmoreland beaded edge pattern with small closely-spaced beading that occurs on the edges of plates and saucers, and in a single band near the top edges of goblets.

Beaded edge pieces may have painted fruit or flowers, or the beading itself may have a single color such as red on plain white pieces. Learn as much as you can about the Westmoreland logos or marks. In the s Westmoreland used a W inside a keystone shaped like an angular urn. Another mark consists of the Westmoreland Glass name encircling a stylized W. Make note of four other labels or marks associated with Westmoreland. Two use the keystone motif bearing the letter W combined with other text.

Westmoreland Glass information from the Glass Encyclopedia

According to the NMGCS, the company rarely marked pieces made between the s and s, and thereafter some pieces bore a mark and others did not. The NMGCS says that many Westmoreland molds now belong to contemporary glass makers who still produce pieces bearing Westmoreland marks. Visit flea markets and antique stores, talk with knowledgeable vendors or join a group of collectors and ask a lot of questions. Westmoreland made a variety of other milk glass tableware lines, figurines, lamps, and animal and bird dishes.

West and James J.

National Depression Glass Association

Brainard, worked with their fathers, and the company changed its name in to Westmoreland Glass Company. They continued production throughout the depression era, the war years, and right throught the 50s, 60s, and 70s. At that stage a third generation, James H. Brainard, took over management and ownership. The hey-day for Westmoreland Glass came in the late s and early 50s, when they concentrated on milk glass and produced literally tons of opaque white glass in every shape of tableware and ornamental glass imaginable.

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