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The dating culture in the U.

The Dating Culture in Denmark

Most people, upon meeting someone of interest, exchange numbers and set up a specific meeting time and place. However, things are a bit different here. Intrigued by my observations I asked the Danes on my floor about traditional dating in Denmark. They enlightened me on the fact that Danes just recently added this formal structured dating to their culture within the past years. The few that had, admitted they just began to engage in formal dates over the past couple of years.

Rather, Danes tend to try and meet people and befriend them without the additional pressure and need to impress that comes with a more formal date night.

Love and Relationships in the "Happiest Country in the World"

It is a private matter that can come to define you as a person. Its actually very ordinary and public displays of affection can occur at anytime in anyplace. In fact when I asked my female floor-mates about it they said that they take pride in being able to purchase drinks for themselves. The open understanding and expressing of sexual desires in everyday Danish culture eliminates derogative social identities toward people who casually hook up with one another.

Though my observations and interview responses cannot be used to describe the entire Danish population, I feel I can make some adequate generalizations about the difference between the Danish dating culture and the American dating culture.

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In my opinion the Danish dating culture is much more open, informal, and less structured, than the American dating culture. Caring and tender attitudes, as well as expressions of emotions, are not disregarded. Likewise, conflicts are solved by compromise and negotiation rather than force. When I first arrived in Denmark, I was completely shocked by the way the Danes adhere to traffic laws.

After living in New York for three months, the thought of waiting for a light to turn green before I crossed the street seemed ludicrous. The first time I went out with my Danish roommate, Michael, he got very upset when I jaywalked and made me promise not to do it again while I was in Denmark.

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He was not only concerned with the law, but also with my safety. Such cooperation is rarely experienced in the United States, especially in year-old males. Male-female relationships start at a very young age in Denmark. Friendships between boys and girls are encouraged when children are toddlers, and it is considered normal for boys and girls to have sleepovers when they are 10 years old.

In America, a parent who allowed a prepubescent child to spend the night with a friend of the opposite sex would be extraordinarily controversial.

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Danish children are raised to be more independent than Americans and are thus trusted to make their own decisions at a younger age. My year-old visiting brother spoke openly to his parents about spending the night with his girlfriend, which I found extremely awkward. In my experience, teenagers who want to sleep together have to lie to their parents about it.

By teaching children how to interact with the opposite sex when they are children, Danes lessen the gender gap and ensure that the younger generation respects each other as men and women. A common characteristic of feminine culture is the tendency for gender roles to overlap. Girls are expected to participate in sports at a young age, and boys are encouraged to embrace their sensitivity.


Because these ideas are fostered during childhood, they characterize the way men and women interact throughout their entire lives. During my first week in Denmark, I was extremely surprised at how many couples I saw engaging in public displays of affection. They were holding hands, kissing, and hugging on nearly every street corner.

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All the men seemed to be very tender with their significant others, which is not as common in the United States. In Denmark, men are free to express themselves without sacrificing their masculinity. They are expected to be sensitive, tender, and caring—especially toward their girlfriends—and have no reason to worry about what society will think of their open displays of affection. Many couples are characterized as LAT living apart together.

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