Rca digital antenna hookup

Turn on the TV and use the remote to go to the menu and find the channel scan option--this is standard on all HD or other digital TVs.

With this option, the TV will use the antenna to scan the airwaves and program the available channels into its memory. Tips Some antennas, especially flat digital ones, may have a type of hook on them that will allow you to mount the antenna on a wall with a thumbtack. If you must use the coaxial port on another device, use a coaxial splitter to separate the antenna and the second device. Video of the Day.

Technical Specification

Brought to you by Techwalla. This wikiHow teaches you how to install a digital converter box for your analog television set.

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Analog televisions that do not receive DTV digital signals will not pick up most over-the-air channels without a digital converter box DTV converter box , which receives over-the-air DTV digital signals and converts them into analog signals that can be shown on analog TVs. This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

Understand when to use a digital converter box.

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  7. If you have an analog TV which can't receive cable, you'll need to install a digital converter box in order to translate the signal for your TV. Turn off and unplug your TV. Press your TV's "Power". Disconnect your TV's antenna from the TV. Unplug the antenna's coaxial cable from the back of your TV to do so.

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    Don't worry about moving the antenna—you'll have to hook it up to the digital converter box in a minute. This step also applies if you're using an externally mounted antenna e. If your TV doesn't have an antenna, you'll need to purchase a set of antennae e.

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    Place your digital converter box next to the TV. Your digital converter box will need to be close enough to the TV that it can still connect to the TV without having to stretch or bend any wires. The digital converter box's front i.

    RCA Digital Antenna Review & Demo

    Attach the antenna to your digital converter box. Using the antenna's coaxial cable, plug the antenna into the "IN" coaxial port on the back of the digital converter box.

    Setup Is Easy

    If your antenna's coaxial cable screws into place, make sure you screw it in tightly before proceeding. Connect the digital converter box to your TV. You can do this using the coaxial cable that most likely came with your digital converter box, or you can use standard RCA red, yellow, and white cables: Coaxial cable - Plug one end of the coaxial cable into the "OUT" coaxial port on the back of your digital converter box, then plug the other end of the cable into the "IN" coaxial port the one that the antenna cable was plugged into on your TV.

    RCA cables - Plug the red, white, and yellow cables into the same-colored ports on the back of the digital converter box e. Plug the digital converter box into a wall outlet. Using the cord that's built into the digital converter box, attach the digital converter box to an electrical outlet or surge protector.

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    If your digital converter box doesn't have a built-in electrical cord, you'll have to attach the non-electrical plug end of the cord that came with the box into the back of the box. Can anyone tell me how ti hook k up a hdtv indoor antenna to my tv How to hook up indoor antenna to hospitality tv solved I have a Panasonic viera 50"tv with no coax how can i hook up a antenna to it with coax input.

    Can't find your answer? When you push the menu button a screen will come up with pictures audio time set up lock and channels.

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    I don't know which one to push and then I hook up the rabbit ears antenna and nothing comes on no signal. Alabalcho Jun 2, , 2: The TV manual will walk you through the procedure. Usually you go into setup. Select over the air antenna and run a channel scan.