Don give up on dating

Won't it suck to constantly be asked why you refuse to date or why you're so anti-love? You're not going to get out of that, so you might as well keep dating.

12 Reasons You Shouldn't Give Up On Dating And Stay Single Forever

Some people meet in high school, college, at their first jobs, at a friend's Christmas party. Others swipe left and right for months and months and then hit the boyfriend jackpot. You just haven't met your person yet so why give up before you have the chance to?

You wouldn't give up the search for your dream job just because you've gone on a bunch of interviews and haven't gotten an offer yet, so it's the same thing with dating. Want to be alone forever? Then you will be. Look, it may sound super cheesy, but here's the honest truth: If you're negative, bad things will happen to you, because you view every experience you have and everything that happens to you with such a black mood and aura. If you want to be by yourself, you will be. So you might as well tell the world that, sure, you're up for love. This is probably a super unpopular opinion, because lots of women are single by choice these days and loving their lives and careers.

But there's a time in your life when you're boyfriend-less because you're not meeting anyone cool. Your singledom isn't always the personal choice that people think it is. There's nothing wrong with being alone. But if you refuse to try, yeah, that's a huge problem.

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So don't fail before you even give yourself the chance to succeed. Sure, you and your girlfriends are having the best time right now, going out and drinking and laughing and enjoying your single lifestyles. But tomorrow, they could all be coupled up or even getting engaged, and how are you going to feel? You might as well keep looking since they are, too. There really is a person out there who's in the exact same boat as you: You're the right person for them just like they're the right person for you. Make sure you two really can meet each other and just keep trying your hand at the dating game.

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One day, you really will win, and you'll be so glad that you kept going. Okay, so you might not believe this, especially if you've been single and dating for a while now. You don't have to believe it. Because it doesn't really matter how much you love or hate dating -- eventually you will have fun on a date, and you'll realize it's really not as terrible as you once thought it was.

Why not keep dreaming for that moment? You deserve to fall in love and experience what that beautiful thing has to offer. You've been in love before, of course, and you know that it's possible. It's not the craziest thing in the world to expect the universe to bring you a relationship that finally feels like it works for you and your life. So keep swiping, keep meeting people, and remember how much you deserve to fall in love again.


One day, you will. Unique lists featuring pop culture, entertainment and crazy facts. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. The most LOL-worthy things the Internet has to offer. I tried different approaches as well. For a while, I would be very proactive about my online dating attempts, searching through matches, and reaching out to people I was interested in.

When that didn't seem to work, I got frustrated and decided to just wait for the right person to contact me. As I developed more strategies, I would play them on loop, with the occasional unsuccessful date in between, until I decided that I had had it. I was tired of the tedium of searching for someone, so I shut down all of my accounts and told myself that I would never return to the agonizing world of online dating again.

Turning my romantic life into a job wasn't proving itself to be satisfying, and so I found it easier to retreat into an acceptance of being single.

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I didn't do online dating for many years. I focused on the other things in my life that made me happy and believed that, if I was meant to meet someone, I would.

"Relationship Advice" for Singles - Don't Give Up

I had a handful of dates with a handful of guys over the course of the next several years, but I never felt the kind of connection I was seeking. But in the meantime, I built an incredibly full life for myself and was happier than I had ever been. One day, the idea of putting up a profile online randomly popped into my head. I quickly dismissed the thought at first.

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But then I gave it a bit more thought, and realized that I was in a very different place in my life than when I had last been active in the online dating world. And I felt like I could take the experience a little more lightly this go round. There I was, putting up a profile again, but this time putting much less pressure on myself and my search.

Within a month, I happened to come across someone I had a crush on in college but had never dated. We scheduled a coffee date to catch up and ended up spending nine hours chatting about nothing and everything like long lost friends. That was a year ago, and although I can't say for sure what will happen, both he and I believe that this may very well be it for us.

Sure, it's a coincidence that we went to college together. But more than anything, I am grateful for my patience and acceptance of myself, and my openness to meeting or in my case, reconnecting with someone in an unconventional way. So, if you have been searching for that special someone online, but have been feeling discouraged , don't give up hope. If you need to deactivate your online dating account for a period of time to gain some perspective or breathing room, so be it.

But you can also try approaching the experience with patience, self-acceptance, and above all, a lightness of being about the whole experience. You never know when you might connect with a person that will take you on that perfect first date. And remember, one is all it takes.

Before You Give Up On Dating, Read This

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