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Overall, I have had a great experience so far. I love what I do and have fun at work every day! Have fun with it. The sale itself is a difficult sale, it is very emotional and long process. But if you are listening to the coaching they give you and genuinely enjoy it, you will see results. Hard work and persistence will pay off. Great company but it's been downsizing and compartmentalizing for a while. Unless you get lucky, there's no room to advance beyond a Private Search Dating Director.

I love my job at It's Just Lunch. The management team here provides excellent training and is very supportive.

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They are always available to answer your questions and help you succeed. If you like inside sales and helping people find love, this would be a great place to work. We can't promise love to our clients, but we can set them up for the best chances of success in their relationships. There is an opportunity for handsome compensation for those who are willing learn, be consistent, and work hard.

No stability long term. I was not able to make a decent base salary- I also lost commission on cancels even if it wasn't my fault. Happy to be in a team oriented environment. Your job will always be on the line. There is so much chaos and a lot of scamming clients and working overtime with terrible benefits. This company is a joke and constantly has a high turnover rate because people quit once they realize what the company is all about.

They promote from within and there's favoritism. The workload is not worth the pay and the customers are lied to on a daily basis. Management plays favorites and is rude constantly making jokes about customers and they don't care about you as a person. I had to leave and wish I left sooner and didn't waste so long there. Management plays favoritism, you are encouraged to lie to customers, the pay is insulting. Cool place to work.

I actually wish I had the chance to work for IJL again. The only problem was false expectations and being held responsible for things you have no power over. Other than that the place was nice to be at. Back end issues with memberships. I was not pleased with the service that was provided to the clients I sold. It is hard to sell something if you cannot believe in the system that is behind it.

I absolutely loved It's Just Lunch. It was rewarding to match people and sell and make amazing money doing it. However, I had no work life balance at all. The company does not value their employees in regards to compensation in relation to workload. The company does not inspire morale. On the plus side you are not micromanaged and they have a generous bonus structure if you meet certain requirements.

However the regular pay is disappointing. There is no room for advancement at all employees are expected to reach outrageous expectations without the resources to do so. You also have to work for your pto and it is laughably small. However another positive is that the company offers competitive benefits from health care to very inexpensive, but excellent dental plan. Ultimately this should be stopgap employment and nothing more. They do not value any employees and you should not plan on staying here longer than a year for your benefit.

Semi professional office with supportive staff. Aggressive sales environment of singles looking for dating options. Located in Addison in a clean office environment.

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Its never a job if you love what you do! I have only been with the company for 9mths but have been able to take my sales skills to extraordinary levels. The training and mentoring by management is outstanding. The positive encouragement given daily helps everyone succeed, those who really want to hit HUGE goals financially and personally this is the place to work. Changing the lives of our clients everyday brings me such joy and gratitude and I love being rewarded for all of my effort monetarily.

This is my forever career. I literally have my own business in a corporate environment, it is the most amazing opportunity ever!! Family oriented work environment, great open door policy. Can be stressful and exciting all at the same time.

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So I am going to go on another date and hopefully D. Obed has been very professional, detailed in asking me what I am looking for, been available when I needed to talk to him. Great so far working with him. We appeared to match on all of our major and important values and shared a lot of common interests. He seemed very genuine and well-vetted by IJL. I look forward to working with IJL going forward! Date chosen for me was ok. He was pre-occupied with work during the date, and very one-sided in his political views.

The matchmakers have been great, hoping the next match is a true match. Having fun texting about her new job and my clients.

We have business in common and are discussing travels to National Parks and hiking. No children in common and are similar in staying in shape. I can see why we were matched and she was very pretty in my book. I can only give a review based on one date and I have no idea if this will turn into something lasting so we will have to see how things go past the 1 date and if IJL will make the changes for the next girl I meet. Had one date and looking forward to more matches! Screening is awesome and matchmaker really listened to what I was looking and I am optimistic about them being able to translate my needs in that perfect someone who will be able to make my eyes sparkle at the sight of them.

I know he;s out there somewhere and have confidence in the abilities of my matchmaker to be able to link us together. I certainly would recommend It's Just Lunch; As long as they can continue to set-up dates and just "hold" their end, nothing more can be expected; Yes, it it pricey, however, their staff, at least for me, are aware that "strikeouts" are part of the game; Also, It's Just Lunch have dating coaches especially for someone who has not been in this arena for a while.

Finally, It's Just Worth Trying! Kimberli, my dating coach has really gone the extra mile for me. My first dating experience just happened and was very positive. I had a very pleasant first date with Joyce. Aleisha, my matchmaker, did an excellent job in the steering me towards Joyce. I enrolled in the IJL service because I had no patience to weed through all the problems of internet-based. The entire team was incredibly professional from start to finish. I want to particularly acknowledge Natalie as the matchmaker.

I think I gave her quite the challenge with my diverse set of interests. She initially struggled I think to find a match, but at the last minute came up with gold when Gina joined.

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Gina and I met and are very happy and excited with where this all could lead. Thanks so much IJL team. My experience with IJL surpassed my expectations from the start.

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Very professional and great customer service. They were very responsive and did a really great job at finding my match. Our first date was one week ago and we have already seen each other 4 times and have decided to exclusively date. I would definitely recommend IJL to anyone and everyone!!! When I first called the woman told me about all of these successful, established, distinguished, handsome men that they had available to me. The 2nd one canceled our 1st date because he was too tired and about fell asleep on our 2nd!

My 3rd Date only talked about money and how expensive everything is.

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My 4th date lives with his mom, has no job and cleans a dance studio in exchange for dance lessons! They were previous customers. I think they had no one in my area and pulled these guys from wherever they could find them! After the second date, I said I wanted my money back, to no avail. They will lie to you just to get your money. I signed with IJL at end of the May of Customer service was promising me that they have already a few men in mind while was talking to me on the phone at the first time. Today is end of the December and I Still get nothing.

Third one came just to have lunch with no intention for something more serious. I was trying to reach the manager and ask about refund but they said that I still have 2. I am going to write to BBB as well. I truly enjoyed the date. Lisa did an awesome job in connecting me with a "Like Minded" person. There will be a second date coming after the New Year. I look forward to continuing my search with IJL. They are a very professional entity and have the best interests of both clients in mind.

I am an IJL client for eight months and can say that my personal matchmaker Kaila and coordinator Krystyl have really tried to find a woman whom I like. Step by step they fine tuned their search until on the fourth date I was happy to see what I was looking for. I had a very stringent criteria and didn't had too much hope in their success, but against all odds they did a great job.

I am very grateful for their efforts. My experience has been great from the start. I felt like the matchmakers at IJL have been attentive and really took the time to get to know me. Aleisha and Krystyl have followed up and checked in without any prompting needed. They have also been professional and supportive. I will look forward to continuing to work with them. An investment well worth it. Aleisha and Krystle have been helpful with setting up the dates and providing pertinent information for each one.

Overall, this service has helped me to meet some new people and hopefully the one. I signed up over a year ago and I am still yet to go on one single date. For over 6 months they had the wrong criteria for what I was searching for. I only found this out after chasing them for an update and when I complained. The personal one to one service is non-existent. They will not contact you or keep you updated with their progress unless you repeatedly ask them to do so. I have asked for a refund several times and they keep refusing.

They will not say why, they just say that a refund will not be possible. I have had enough. I feel I have been more than patient and I am planning to report them to their regulatory body. I have had two dates so far and everything is top notch. The restaurants and people have been high quality. I like the personal attention in refining my needs and am confident they will find my next wife.

I am really looking forward to my next date. I joined in the summer and was excited about this new adventure. I received a first match within weeks and all was good. I quickly grew disappointed and frustrated with the lack of attention and caring I received from my matchmakers.

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On 3 occasions I was matched with gentlemen who did not meet my criteria. As a matter of fact they each had a "deal breaker" in their bio. I turned down 2 dates because of this. The 3rd one slipped by me and I wasted a date because he also contained a "deal breaker" i. I was told that my criteria was only a preference so I asked why they call it a "deal breaker" in the interview. It would have been fine if they had been upfront with me and disclosed the information.

I would have at least been given an opportunity to accept or decline. After this experience I grew wary. After one month of hearing nothing I reached out only to be told they were reviewing my feedback. Well, it's now been another month and I have heard nothing. My matchmakers come across very disinterested in me and that was evident from the beginning. However, they were very friendly and eager to get my money.

I am shocked at the lack of professionalism and customer care. I would never recommend It's Just Lunch! It's been a very frustrating experience. I have high expectations when it comes to running a business and customer service. I wonder if those at the top have any idea what's really going on. When I researched the company I discovered it's nearly impossible to reach anyone to even file a complaint.

So here I am still waiting to hear something A delightful lunch -- 2 hours long!!