Taurus dating aries man

Do we have a future?

Leia first and foremost you must be a hot momma attracting the young guy, but, be careful. A lot of younger men are on their own agenda. Not only that there are very few who can relate to a more mature woman. I know you are excited about him but please, please take it one day at a time, get to know him and what he is all about before showing him off. That same showcase can be your worst nightmare should things not wrk out.


He is using you bc he knows no matter what you would let him in. I knew someone like that and she was cheated on multiple times. The man clearly states that you guys are not compatible, basically saying if we do anything just know that it would never be official. The woman I was referring to had low self esteem and was just happy to have some contact with the person as oppose to none, even ignored all the signs. If there were specific things that happened between you for her to feel this way, let me know.

Otherwise the story seems like it boils down to issues she has to confront when she wants to. Of course not…sounds ridiculous reading that you would consider. You been together for 5 yrs and still in love…there you go you answered ur own questions. You say you have enjoyed 5 years of good times together and that counts for more than anything. My dob is may 8th his dob is April 8 We broken up several times he served 8 years for me by misunderstanding that I was dating someone else which was untrue.

I am a very faithful woman and work hard for my family. He was released last year and we ran into each other on a god sent he embraced me and apologized I fell back in his arms. I love him and I feel I pushed him away being afraid to love again. How to make it work? April 24, 6: May 8, 3: March 28, 3: October 5, 3: November 18, February 15, 9: Even so, a relationship between an Aries man and a Taurus woman can work, so long as there is enough space between them. Despite their differences, their respective strengths and weaknesses complement each other.

The good news is that most of the problems between these two will show themselves very early on in their relationship. This means that they will either work through them or break up before they ever form a commitment. So, if an Aries man and Taurus woman get through their differences and do get married, their marriage will likely stand the test of time.

Aries is cardinal fire. Fire represents energy, motivation, and courage. Cardinal the first of the three modes, which are cardinal, fixed, and mutable. In the year, each season starts with a cardinal sign, deepens with a fixed sign, and ends with a mutable sign. This is the key to understanding the meanings of the modes. Cardinal is the initial burst of energy to get things going, fixed digs in and wants to put down roots, and mutable relaxes to make way for the new season.

Aries Man and Taurus Woman ⋆ Astromatcha

An Aries man embodies his cardinal and fiery nature as a courageous and passionate warrior. Ruled by Mars, this sign is always ready to do battle and test himself in competition. Taurus, on the other hand, is fixed earth. Taurus wants to plant herself in the ground and grow roots.

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Ruled by Venus, this sign desires peace and stability. The Taurean reputation for laziness is well earned, however, as a general rule, Taurus women suffer less from this fault than Taurus men. A Taurus woman will go to great lengths to make her home beautiful and comfortable, and Taurus is renowned for producing some of the best cooks in the zodiac, rivaled only by Cancer. Financial security is of primary importance to a Taurus woman, so she will look for someone who can be a good provider. It is highly unlikely that an Aries man and a Taurus woman will get together in the first place.

Aries Man and Taurus Woman

For one thing, eligible adult Taurus women are rare. They often marry their childhood sweethearts. For another, a Taurus woman will not be impressed by an Aries man showing off his masculinity in front of her. If he tries to court her, she will usually find him rude and obnoxious and reject him out of hand. What will impress her, however, is if she sees him on the job. Aries men take great pride in their work and are usually very good at what they do. This will make her take a second look at him because she will see that he has good prospects. An Aries man and Taurus woman do not have a lot of chemistry between them, but they do have some.

Aries men are passionate, and Taurus women are sensual. Both signs enjoy sex a lot. Over the long term, he may be a bit too rough for her, and she may be a little too dull for him. Still, if this couple commits to each other, they will work these things out and settle into a bedroom routine that each of them can live with. If an Aries man and Taurus woman get together and stay together long enough to marry, their long-term prospects are good. This will not be a super close marriage, though.

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  7. It will probably look very much like a traditional one, with him being the breadwinner and her taking care of the household. In these type of traditional marriages, men and women often lived very separate lives. In many ways, these marriages were more of a business arrangement than a romance, based on mutual security and a pragmatic division of labor. This is what will probably happen with an Aries man, Taurus woman marriage. It is best that she take care of the money, though.

    Compatibility of Aries Man and Taurus Woman

    She will be much better at keeping track of their finances and paying the bills than he could ever be. Indeed, it is very likely that he will sign his paycheck over to her, she will give him an allowance, and they will both be happy with that arrangement. They will actually balance each other nicely as parents.

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    5. She will provide security and stability, and he will be both the disciplinarian and the playmate. The major difficulty will arise if he gets sick or when he retires.

      Aries Man and Taurus Woman

      He will be miserable if he has to stay home, and he will drive her crazy if he is around all of the time. It will be imperative that he find something to do in order to stay out of her hair. An Aries man and Taurus woman are the most compatible when they work together. They are very different, but they can make a good team. Aries is good at starting projects and getting things going.