Steam matchmaking ports

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  6. What network port does Steam use? - Arqade!
  7. Witcher Adventure Game, The online beta Multiplayer matchmaking port requirement problem 4 posts 4 posts. Posted July 09, So, before I start explaining my problem, I have tried searching for an official statement which lists the ports, but have only been able to find out that you are using randomised ports with NAT punchthrough.

    My problem is this: I live in a dorm building where we're all behind a "giant" firewall, all other game services such as steam matchmaking, Origin, etc have a port list that we have gotten opened in the firewall. I have never had issues finding the port numbers for any popular online game I've played over the years, which is why it confuses me when you say it's common among all multiplayer platforms, yet they give us the ports that need to be open for multiplayer to work.

    Prioritising ports for Steam

    What do I need to get opened in the firewall in order for matchmaking to work for me? I've now tried at different times over the last 2 days to play the game without any ability to find ANY lobbies or have anyone else join mine You mention that the game needs to be able to initiate HTTPS connections which I'm guessing is TCP outgoing and UDP communication, yet you give no information which UDP port s the last one uses Unless that one too, is randomised On another note: NAT punchthrough does not automatically work for people that are behind separate firewall systems, for routers and similar it might be perfectly fine, but even at home I value higher security and have a separate firewall setup.

    These are not strictly required to run Hi-Rez games but it is a good practice to have them open for Steam games:. Hand of the Gods Connection Troubleshooting. Paladins Strike Frequently Asked Question.

    How to secure your Hi-Rez Studios Account. What are the rules for valid user names and in-game names?

    Steam matchmaking ports.

    What are requirements for passwords? What would you like to know? What network ports are used by Hi-Rez games?