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Now I know why I despise liars and cheats ,first for me I can sniff you out like a hound but mostly because your not authentic which I hold in high regard. Where are these jobs? I would really like to know. I literally have the best job. But I desperately need to make more money and I have no idea how to go about finding a good-paying job.

You should go to college. Even a certificate from a junior college can earn you more than that. I have a bachelor's degree. Also, don't seek for empathy when it comes to making money, no complaining or short cut; you will have to develop some intuitiveness and employ your brain to forge ahead. Finally, if my guess is right and you are a perceiver, remember to change the game work first before play, ask yourself before you relax, "do I have something work wise to do?

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I can probably only do entry-level jobs because of the stupid choice I made at age 18 with the degree I picked. I would totally go back to college and get a masters in something else but I already can't pay back the debt I have from going the first time I've noticed that the "I have a four-year degree and can't find a decent job" crowd tends to be non-TEM Technology, Engineering, Mathematics.

I left out science because, unless you're pre-med, science degrees don't really earn much biology, chemistry, etc unless you go to a well-connected grad school that can land you a job with a big chemical or agri-business company. My guess is that with your degree, the market either does not have much use for it, or the market is over saturated with theater degree holders which would make sense because theater is very fun and when we're young, we often put aside future benefit for immediate gain. So 3 obvious options that I see: Buy some equipment and find or write interesting scripts and bring them to life.

Many mediums through which you can accomplish this youtube is one. It's a very hard and long road but you will be doing what you [probably claim to] love. It may take some time but you could probably quit your day-job and do this instead if you make good business decisions. It's a from what you've decided to do so far, but you'll be making money. You can learn programming in your free time as well, without needing to go to a big school. Those were just the three obvious choices from my perspective.

My general experience with theater, art, and music majors is that they aren't actually passionate about theater or art or music, and they simply don't like challenging themselves or helping others. Hopefully you are not like that! Good way to go forward! Please follow this especially the networking and auditioning part, and don't forget the agent. Get a good one! Money management matters waaaaay more than income. One lives in a really expensive house in a nice area in California.

Meanwhile, I have 3 degrees and all the debt to go with them and I can't believe these guys are doing better than me. Here's their secret they told me:. Ask yourself if you really need that thing you are buying before spending on it. It can help you feel less overwhelmed with life as a whole as well as save you money. Yes, you could go to school for something that pays well and come out making way more money, but you could STILL overspend and feel broke like I totally do right now.

Gotta learn how to manage your money or it will never matter how much you make.

I make less than the ISP on average I was a stay-at-home-wife primarily with a part-time job. I never thought I'd be in this position but I am now Ive been wondering that too. I got my first summer job when I was 11 working behind the counter at a coffee shop Summer's only. When I got older, I started to make more money because I was a loyal and hard working employee. My only guess is to find a job you like and are successful at.

Work hard for a long time, and see if your rates go up. I'm now in college, and this rule has worked for me my whole life. I kind of have had problems sticking to it. Good luck with you job hunt!!

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What's written on this page are all facts but don't forget about your inner fire and passion. If you really want something, you will find a way and you will do something about it. I'm an INFP, too, and already open my own pizza business. It's at a slow progress at first, but once I found the right employees, my business start to see the light. It's true, we could thrive in any personalities if we keep trying and never give up! That makes two of us. I am a pizzeria owner myself. I bought the business a year and a half ago, and managed to triple sales and grow my company from 8 to 23 employees.

The income from my Italian Restaurant alone is roughly K per year with most tasks delegated out to employees. I am far from a natural manager, and I don't work super hard, but when I needed to step up I did. I was able to do this in Los Angeles, which can be a difficult business climate to navigate compared to other parts of the country.

It's nice because I can do it while in bed being a lazy vegetable. I will be a millionaire by the age of 30 and plan on buying rental properties by disneyland and vegas. I was able to make it by forcing myself to socialize. I was diagnosed with mild autism when I was little, and realized by the age of 10 that I needed to find my place in the world, or be doomed.

I'm not smart or experienced enough to know everything, but I do a damn good job at recognizing those who do and try to get as much of their time as possible. Maybe it might help you. I don't think this is correct Most of my friends are inuitives and they end up being successful in the careers of lawyers, doctors, etc. Would you shed some light on the kind of work that you do? What I don't really get is that INTPs have a very low average income, yet, we are told jobs within computer technology is recommended for us.

The average salary for a software engineer is nowhere nearly as low as what the graphs state.

In general, how come NT technology types earn so little, it was to my understanding that Engineers were one of the highest paid jobs, actually I think the degree with the most millionaires is Engineering. It mentions that the INTPs had a large proportion of respondents who had zero income, and another big chunk who had a very low income. Those two results will keep the overall average down. As someone who spent more than a decade working graveyard shifts in convenience store, I would say reduced responsibility and time to do whatever I wanted was more valuable to me than a high income.

Later, when I found something I could become fanatical about computer science I went and studied that in school and got a higher paying job. Freedom and opportunity still rank higher to me than income. If I had been pursuing a higher income, I could probably be earning twice what I do now. But I'd be in a more corporate environment with less freedom and more strictly defined responsibilities.

Apparently my type is all hands on mechanics and back-woods explorers like Bear Grylis. I'm still in school, but am looking for possible career opps. However, I have the same issue as someone who previously commented. Most of us have graduate degrees though so if you had assessed our incomes in our 20s, it would have been quite low.

Since it is self-reported, I feel people can take the test in different ways -- e. It could be that those who are in executive-level positions, regardless of true personality type, fill out their answers according to what they do already so it comes out as ENTJs, often cited as the "field commander" types. Since executive types often make more money, the results end up showing ENTJs as earning more money. Also, not sure about other people, but at work, the way I act is different from the rest of my life.

It makes sense, really. If a fairly large chunk of INTPs are highly similar to me, it is a struggle to care about one thing long enough to make a career out of it. I've been dating someone I'm pretty sure is an ENTJ I'll have to make him take a test for three years, so I think he's rubbed off on me in some ways, as I'm now in my third year of engineering school which is weird, because I'm Certainly makes sense given the timelines.

Sorry, got off track. We also have the issue of being incredibly stubborn, which doesn't exactly scream "hire me. An INTP who is constantly rebelling or failing to hold to a schedule or get his or her nose brown just doesn't fit into the plan. This sounds very fight-the-powery, and it's not meant to, but no one wants to hire a person they can't control.

Learn to convincingly fake that personality until you get past the probationary period, fellow INTPs. It is a shame Americans only look at money as the way to gauge their value in society. Europeans make less, live longer, and have 2 months of vacation. Better deal if you ask me. As you said somewhere else if you go to a tech company you're likely to see loads of them and these one earn a lot of money. School up to high school is awfully boring when you are an INTP. I personally struggled to get any interest and almost failed. Hopefully I managed to do the bare minimum to put my ass at university.

It saved me because university was cool. I suggest that most people in the low bracket for INTPs are people who just found no interest at school, failed, and didn't get any way out. If on top of this you are living in a small town, employment prospect falls to nil. However, if you manage to get entry into the univ while INTP, I think you are very likely to do good. Most tech companies pay a lot and needs this kind of guys to operate. And you don't have a lot to rebel about while in the tech industry since you are mostly free. Of course I was practically losing my mind with boredom, and continually got in trouble for talking out of turn and various other things one might do when driven crazy.

Then I was subjected to corporal punishment, like that was going to fix the problem! For third grade, my parents switched me to another school. So even though I had gotten perfect grades in reading, I was ordered to take the same reading course over again, with the identical book. I went on strike because that was absurd. The teacher for that class had a giant box of cards, with stories and questions to answer on them, that we could read in our free time.

But the teacher said I had to start at the level of my reading group, the same level that had been much too easy the year before! I worked on those cards at a furious pace at every spare moment, eager to reach the level I needed. In math, nobody drilled me on times tables or anything like that. I had no idea I was supposed to memorize anything, or even that learning was the point of school in general.

Counting to add, adding to multiply, and the like was how I got by, not realizing how it was inefficient and ridiculously bad form, just because school was so mindless. By the time I got to junior high, I think my brain had started to atrophy; I was falling behind and beginning to get confused. In high school I was lost. World history was never taught at all. So I concentrated on sports. So art was what I went into.

School was a complete disaster for me. So I started teaching myself in order to homeschool her. I grew up wanting to be an elementary school teacher but my parents were strongly opposed to that and now I'm in the corporate world, making a pretty decent wage. Job satisfaction is medium I would say. I have some good days and some bad ones. Probably not as good as if I had followed my passion, but I understand that no job is perfect. Your personality type does not define your life - you do. I am an INFP and I used to make 50k in my late 20s I would have made more had I had a manager who believed in me earlier on which went on to become 75k a couple of years and two jobs later.

I ultimately quit in my 30s to follow my passion and I am enjoying every minute of it. No degrees to my name. Being in the tech industry, to me, a higher education is a waste of time and money from a knowledge standpoint. As such, I don't want to go into debt for a piece of paper that says I graduated from a place that gave me nothing of value knowledge wise that can help me in the real world with what my career is.

When I first tried going to college, I just couldn't get into it because the classes were to big, and my learning style didn't mesh well with the classroom or lecture hall setting. As such I became bored, and frustrated and couldn't be bothered to keep spending money and putting effort into it. On one hand, if you interview with tech people for a job, they don't care about degrees. They care about technical knowledge and what you've done.

It's the non-tech people think HR, or managers that aren't technical that prop up a degree as some holy grail of experience. Instead I focused on my career in the tech industry, and here's the big one: I see more value at the moment in going after some certificates than I do a college degree. I'll eventually finish college just to get around being turned away by HR people that are archaic, but in the meantime, it hasn't hurt me at all.

Hey, I'm considering going for a web developer certificate but having a hard time making up my mind. What certificates do you think are the most useful and make the most money? Thanks for any info! There's nothing like a site like this that spits out information that subtly pitch types against each other and watches them all squirm. This post, no double, is leaving some types with a depressed feeling of inadequacy and others with a false sense of superiority In addition, I would like to note that there is no guarantee that those who participated in this survey have typed themselves correctly.

People mistype themselves all the time on the MBTI, so drawing conclusions based on this data is incredibly short sighted. If a qualified typologist or type expert interviewed all the participants and could verify the types of the participants, I would be more inclined to believe these conclusions. Without type validation, however, you have a whole lot of nothing. I work as a Senior Information Security Analyst in the healthcare industry.

It took multiple career misses and several degrees to find my "right fit". Cyber Security suits me perfectly and allows me to be analytical and logical but apply innovative thinking to solve problems and mitigate risks. I don't make nearly as much as many in my field and my salary is higher than this chart allows. Your salary is determined by your field, your desire to thrive and progress in your career, and the economic outlook of your, region, state, and country.

Not everyone is designed to be the top of the food chain or CEO. Some people are just where they need to be, supporting the economy being the workhorse that no one seems to appreciate or thank.

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I like my profession, but most often jobs don't pay well in Florida. Once I made about 75K for about two years. It just depended on how much pressure I wanted to take on. I'm also a mother, and a wife, with a family to contend with. I could take on an art directors position and of course I'd make more, but I'll find myself fighting traffic in a city of a million people, in my new office slaving over the next great concept I came up with, while everyone slipped out the door at 4: Also, say if I crossed the border to Georgia, I would make more, about 50 I don't think these statistics can account for some of these factors, except if INTP's tend to prefer a balance in life, and also I am a female in the picture here.

We get paid worse and passed over positions to the men. As parents, they demand respect and authority from their children. They willingly accept their parental role of provider and guardian. Once the ISTJ becomes a parent, it becomes a "given" that they will perform all of the duties associated with parenthood, and they will do so without grudge or burden.

However, they expect that their children give them their due respect in return, and will have little patience with disrespectful behavior.

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When it comes to giving punishment or discipline, the ISTJ will be able to do so when necessary without too much internal trauma. They see it as their duty to teach their children when they've done wrong, and so will administer the punishment in the name of the greater cause of doing their duty towards their children.

Not to imply that the ISTJ will enjoy disciplining their children, they simply will put their duties before their personal feelings. The ISTJ is likely to have a problem giving a lot of positive affirmation and support to their children. Having very high expectations for their own behavior and the behavior of others, the ISTJ often forgets to give praise when praise is due. All children need positive support as they find their place in the world, and this is especially true for children with the Feeling preference, who benefit tremendously from positive affirmation, and suffer sometimes tremendously in its void.

The ISTJ who recognizes sensitivity in their child should take special care to give them positive support and affirmation. The ISTJ will create a consistent, secure environment for their children, with definite roles and boundaries. Although this may at times create division between the parent and child especially during rebellious adolescence , it will generally promote the child's growth into a secure adult. ISTJ parents will be remembered and honored by their children for being good people who always tried their best, and for putting the needs of their children above their own.

ISTJs as Friends Although friendships do not rank highest in the ISTJ's list of important relationships whose duties and obligation to the Family rank above all else , they do have value these relationships and put effort into enhancing and maintaining them. The ISTJ is likely to choose to be around people who have similar interests and perspectives to their own, and are likely to not have much patience with people who are very different from themselves. Although their usual mode of being is very serious-minded, ISTJs like to have fun and let loose.

They like being with Extraverts who are optimistic and fun-minded, although the E's enthusiasm may eventually get on the ISTJ's nerves. ISTJs can get along with most other types, but they especially form solid connections with other Sensing Judgers. The ISTJ's respect for laws and traditions may make them unable to relate well to Sensing Perceiving types, although they admire their carefree ability to live for the moment. Contrary to what one might initially believe about the ISTJ persona, this kind of individual cares a lot about balance within a relationship and will strive to ensure that their partner is happy and well cared-for.

ISTJ individuals can be stubborn because they tend to feel that their methodical and structured approach is always right. They have a strong desire to succeed which can bleed off into the relationship. For instance, an argument with a partner may be viewed as a challenge and although ISTJ may win the debate, he or she may be immediately oblivious to what that victory has cost them and the affect that it could have on the relationship.

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Their personable character makes them easy to talk to which is a bonus where introverts are concerned. Ideally, an ESFP partner should have a well-developed feeling trait and the maturity to understand that while they want to be emotionally supported by their partner, the introverted sensing character is not easily going to be able to fulfill this need.

You have a tendency to collect facts which, in most cases, serves you well. In a relationship, this kind of stubbornness can cause your companion to feel like his or her feelings and opinions do not matter. Opening up is going to be a challenge for you, but it will eventually have to happen if your relationship is going to evolve and grow into something long-lasting.

Try starting with the traditional aspects of your personality, as this makes up a great deal of who you are and this type of information is a little easier to share with others. Indulge yourself by offering to plan the next date. Use this opportunity to share more information about yourself. For instance, take a positive spin on your thriftiness by hitting up some of your favorite thrift or discount stores together or enjoy a self-prepared picnic.