Dating someone with joint custody

Even if they just have weekend visits, always keep them in mind with making decisions in the household because it will affect them as well. Painting the bedrooms, ask the kids what colors they like. Having a baby together, ask the kids if they want a brother or sister.

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Just including them on small stuff will make a huge impact and the transition smoother. Being a step parent is hard but I have seen it be one of the best things to happen for that person and the kids. It is only in last 2 years that I have considered romantic relationships. This was very stressful and there was a lot of uncertainty over how things would pan out even though both of us had reasonable intentions. I bought my ex out of her share of house and finally achieving that was a relief. I feel more settled now but feel the strain of financially keeping everything afloat.

This would be common for most single dads. It has also made me question how I could maintain a relationship with all this going on.

This is something that I wrestle with as women come into my life. I get cold feet at about the 2 month mark as reality sets in. The other thing is getting to the point where I would introduce someone to my sons 5 and I struggle to get my head round this and is part of the reason I call the relationship off. When I was a single dad what I wanted more than anything was a stable women who would be acceptable as a mother figure.

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Another poster made it sound like single dads are all just perpetually looking for younger women to use, and cast off. I think that description is very inaccurate for most single dads. It depends on the person though. In general I would say you will be better off if you actually like kids. If you don't it will be difficult for your relationship to progress naturally.

The age of children could make a huge difference. Also wether the dad wants to have more children. Because if you like kids you likely want some of your own. If he wants more it might make it possible to have one big happy family. Divorce and custody battles can be stressful affairs and you should be aware of that as well.

Best of luck I hope my small insights give you some food for thought. It is not good or bad; it is just human nature, especially in immature humans. When presented with you as their father's official girlfriend, the certainty of things makes for a smoother relationship. When you get to know his kids, there will be times for everyone to get together, and you should understand that they will want his attention even if it means interrupting you.

9 Rules for Dating a Dad

You must be an adult and politely lead by example. Maintain an absolute neutral role when it comes to the way these children conduct themselves.

You cannot and should not parent them. This includes telling him how he should raise his children — don't ever do it. If he asks for advice or you are having a casual conversation away from the kids, it is one thing to share ideas, but you must be deferential in the extreme here. One exception is that you are owed respect. Never tolerate disrespect from your boyfriend's children and insist that he back you up. If he weasels out of a confrontation on this matter, it is a sign that you are being slowly sucked into a dysfunctional dynamic.

This is a sign to end the relationship. You are dating their dad, you are not their new best friend. Your focus needs to be on your man and being wrapped up in the lives of his children is no way to be in a relationship with him.

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A child needs to be his or her own person. Be supportive and encouraging but don't assume the parental role, or that of a close friend. Show an interest in who his children are as people without trying to take control of their hobbies or life.

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You are not a replacement for their mother, and you are not in a competition with her and if you think you are, you are in for a big letdown. Never badmouth the other parent. Issues regarding visitation time and custody can arise for a number of reasons. Obviously, if these are the reasons for a change in a custody order or agreement or visitation rights, the chances are that they will not be taken seriously in court — as it is the best interests of the child that must be considered in any legal circumstance.

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The person who finds they are having difficulty spending time with their child ren after getting a new significant other might need the help of a mediator, lawyer and the help of a New York Family Court or their local Supreme Court to enforce a visitation or parenting schedule or to make one for the first time.

If there never was an order or the order that was in place is no longer workable, it is probably time to get an order. As mentioned there are different processes that can be used to accomplish the goal. Both sides need to be willing to mediate or work in a collaborative matter, and the more traditional routes of litigation and settlement negotiations are always available as well. Usually, the court will take into account the feelings of the child involved if they are at an age where their opinion is deemed to be sensible and carefully considered.

A parent speaking to a child about a court case is usually frowned upon.